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Heretic - Black Metal Holocaust MC (Pro-Cover) 4 Euro
1st full-length of the Black 'n' Roll Devilworshippers, Pro-Cover lim. to 333 copies

Heretic - Devilworshipper MC (Pro-Cover) 4 Euro
2nd full length of Orthodox Devilworshipping Primitve Black Rock 'n' Roll, Pro-Cover, lim. 333 copies

Heretic / Bestial Summoning - Splitting Skulls for Satan MC (Pro-Cover) 4 Euro
Cult Split Tape from both Bands! The Black Metal Overlords from the Netherlands return to split skulls for Satan!
Heretic strikes with fucking crushing re-recordings of 8 classics, while Bestial Summoning crushes you face with 10
unreleased songs from 1992, that even blow away their classic debut "The dark war has begun"

Hermitage - Hammer of Purity MC 4 Euro (Pro-Tape 4 Euro
Raw, Heathen Black Metal from England!

NWP02: Himonas - To the Battlements MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro
This is the first strike of Himonas. Himonas with this release offer 43 minutes of epic atmosphere,warlike feeling and hateful outbursts!
An album for the nostalgic ones of traditional '90 black metal sound.With a few words Hellenic Black Metal at it's best!
Tape come limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

NWP07: Human Serpent - The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro
The new fist in the face of God has just arrived! This is the debut full length of the young Hellenic band Human Serpent.
After their grand debut demo, they now return stronger with  the album called "The Gradual Immersion in Nihilism".
Pure Misanthropic and Nihilistic Black Metal! Lim. to 300 items.

Infamous – Shadows from the past MC 3,50 Euro
Intense and violent black metal with a melodic touch and a nostalgic rock flavor!

Kafziel – Live After Chaos MC 3 Euro
Life Album with a great sound, from this great Swedish Black Metal Horde (raw, grim and satanic Black Metal)  

Khaomega – Nervenkrieg MC (Pro Tape) 4 Euro
Grim, raw and diabolic Black Metal from Germany. Lim. to 100 items only!

Krv – Ograma MC 4,50 Euro
Cold and dark old school Black Metal! From their blood freezing razor sharp riffs to the blackened rasp
of the vocals, this has all the ingredients to be a BM Underground landmark. Lim. only to 300 items.

Lantlôs - Lantlôs Pro MC 4 Euro
Depressive Black Metal from Germany whit some fast and slow parts. Great Songs whit a deep atmosphere and a good sound.

Midwynter-Four Seasons of Frost  / Into the Well of Wyrd MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro
Heathen, epic and folklorist Black Metal from Vinland.

Mordaehoth - De Ontheiliging van Asten MC 3,50 Euro
Great Live Album from this Cult Act, pure Pagan and Anti-Christianity Black Metal!  

Mortal Wish -Dez granios humanos ... MC 3 Euro
Black Metal from Brazil

Mortuus Caelum – Ad libertatem per mortem MC 3,50 Euro
New Album as Tape Version! Fast,  raw, satanic Hellenic Black Metal!

Tapes:  A-B