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 A.A. MCXXX Apocalyptic Fire - New Release (at the moment no release date)
Pro-Tape and lim. Edition More information later

News 22.09.2019

A warm welcome to Nebran from Franconia,

which has now become part of the Apocalyptic Art family.

Nebran was founded in march 2019 by A. / M.

Nebran is a homage to nature and the middle ages combined with dark and melancholic visions.

Musical influences are especially the early releases of bands like Summoning, Strid, Burzum, Emperor, and Samael.

You can follow Nebran under



Apocalyptic Art and Van Records

will release the first demo of the project

on 31st October, 2019 as

MC, lim. 111 (Apocalyptic Art)

12" vinyl, lim.  218 items (Ván Records)

News 06.09.2019


A new release will be unleashed at the end of October.

More information will follow soon so stay tuned.


Follow Apocalyptic Art on Instagram!

Link: https://www.instagram.com/apocalyptic_art_records/

News 31.12.2018

The Morar T-Shirt has arrived and is now available

in the following sizes: M, L and XL!

Apart from that i wish you all a good start into the new year!

News 04.12.2018

Shop- Update!

New Tapes from  Worship the abyss and Worship Tapes in stock!

A.A. Shirt 011 - Morar - Wahlheim

The pre-orders for the Morar T-Shirt were now all completed on 1 December. Many thanks to all pre-orderers and the support!

The T-Shirt is now going into production and will be limited to 25 copies (Fruit of the Loom "Valueweight-T" / 165 g/m² / Sizes: M, L and XL).

As already mentioned, the pre-orders will be shipped in the 1st calendar week in 2019.

If you are still interested, just let us know.

News 05.11.2018

Shop- Update!

New CD´s from Einheit Prod. & Nihilistische Klang Kunst in stock!

Apocalyptic Art Records & Morar

presents in january 2019

A.A. Shirt 011 - Morar - Wahlheim

Important information for pre-orders

Pre-orders for the T-Shirt are now possible until 01.12.2018. Each pre-orderer receives a separate card with the free download code for the album "Wahlheim" for Bandcamp when the T-shirt is shipped. The t-shirt costs 14,50 Euro without shipping.

For men you can get the shirt from Fruit of the Loom "Valueweight-T" / 165 g/m² in the following sizes: S-5XL

For the ladies there is the shirt from Fruit of the Loom "Lady-Fit Valueweight-T" / 165 g/m² in the sizes: XS-XXL

Note: The Girlie T-Shirts will only be printed with pre-orders.

Shipping costs Germany:

Standard shipping = 2,95€

with proof of shipment = 5,10€

Shipping costs EU:

Standard shipping = 4,05€

with proof of shipment = 6,55€

Shipping costs World:

only with proof of shipment = 6,55€

Payment is possible by bank transfer or PayPal.

The T-shirts will then go into production in December and will be shipped in the 1st calendar week in January 2019.

Please send your orders with your shipping address, shipping method, size and payment method either by e-mail or Facebook to us. You will then receive the necessary information to process your order.

Apocalyptic Art Records:

mail: info@apocalyptic-art.de facebook.com



mail: contact@blackmorar.com


News 23.05.2018

New reviews for “Asche der Welten - Chaos bricht aus” on:


WonderboxMetal.com. → https://wonderboxmetal.com/2018/05/16/asche-der-welten-chaos-bricht-aus-review/

Asche der Welten Interview on OccultBlackMetalZine!


News 01.05.2018

Good news and bad news!

Good news first: Finally, the third and final chapter of Asche der Welten’s demo trilogy “Chaos bricht aus” is OUT NOW!

And now the bad news: Since January, the tape is ready to be released – except the slipcase. The company responsible for the previous slipcases does not seem to exist anymore. Our efforts to find another bookbinder have been futile. Either the companies were pretty expensive or foolish scum. This means: Unfortunately, there will be no special edition with paperboard slipcase as for “Ascheregen” and “Brennende Atmosphäre”. The only consolation we can offer is a pin limited to 33 pieces. First come, first served. If we are able to find another bookbinder with realistic prices, a re-edition with slipcase is not excluded in the future.

So we hope you enjoy the regular tape version with two outstanding new songs.


Asche der Welten & Apocalyptic Art

At next you can check also the first Review for “Chaos bricht aus” on OccultBlackMetalZine (08/10 points).

Link: http://occultblackmetalzine.blogspot.de/2018/04/asche-der-weltenchaos-bright.html

Release Sample on YouTube:


News 21.01.2018

Coming soon on Apocalyptic Art!

A. A. MC011 Asche der Welten - Chaos bricht aus

After “Asche Regen“ & “Brennende Atmosphäre“Asche der Welten is back with the final chapter “Chaos bricht aus“! The perfect soundtrack for the end of times. This tape is undeniably the most melodic and most diverse performance of this unique Ambient Black Metal project from southern Bavaria. The tape comes soon as lim. Pro-Tape and as lim. special edition. More information soon.

Release Sample on YouTube:


News 06.10.2017

- About the 10th anniversary of the recordings of Apocalyptic Fire's MCD "Abyss" and the long-sold out CDs and cassettes, you can now download 100 times the digital version of the complete MCD on the Apocalyptic Art Bandcamp site for free.


For the Download Code send a PM!

- The Special Edition from Asche der Welten -Brennende Atmosphäre is SOLD OUT. Regular Edition is still available!

News 27.04.2017

Shop- Update!

New CD´s from War Against Yourself Rec., Nihilistische Klang Kunst & Todessucht in stock!

- Broken Life - When Negative Feelings Drown This Life CD

- Chaoscraft -Procreation Through Disaster CD

- Dhampyr - All The Dead Dears CD

- Deadlife / Glädjekällor / Lidelse / Winter Willow - Wilted Split CD

- Empire Of Blood – Oroboros CD

- Freitod Zeremonie – Monotonie Leben CD

- Funeral Fog - Isolated From Light CD

- Kerker - Ban all lights CD

- Like Desolate Like True - Don't Worry... Die Happy CD

- Nebelschwaden - Nostalgie & Apathie CD

- Thanatomania – Drangsal MCD

- Todessucht – Wertlos CD

- Trauer - A walk into the twilight CD

News 23.01.2017

Shop- Update!

- Apotheosis - Vama Marga CD

- Black Horizonz - Koma Digi CD

- Frigoris  – Wind CD

- Mandrosys  - A Nine Days' Penance CD

- Nordafrost - Dominus Frigoris Digi CD

- Notorius - Rage and Fail MCD

News 27.10.2016

- Since Oktober 2016 you can order the Apocalyptic Art releases also via Bandcamp! Only selected releases for Digital Download. The other releases are only for physical Mail-Order.


- Shop Update!

- News about the Mortuus Sum - Vargavinter release….

Here the official statement from the Band.


We are in the sad state to announce that as of today Mortuus Sum are officially disbanded. The reasons are mostly personal and there is no reason of going further into this.

We want to thank each and every one of you for the support throughout our existence. We would also like to thank all the past members who contributed in any way during their stay in the band.

The last releases will be the Darkhrone tribute compilation by Azermedoth Records and a compilation created by Obscure Chaos-Zine.

Hails to all of our friends out there. You know who you are!

On behalf of the band,


News 14.06.2016

- Here some Review links for the Mora - Wahlheim album!

Hateful Metal:




Unholyblackartofritual web-zine:






Industries of Inferno:


Underworld Zine:


News 15.01.2016

- Finally  the new  A.A. CD 007 Morar - Wahlheim is OUT NOW!

Also you can order the CD and the Tape version by Nebular Winter Productions!

Save money and check also the Apocalyptic Art release bundles (special offer)!

News 13.01.2016

- The new A.A. CD 007 Morar - Wahlheim release is finished up

16. January 2016! Pre-Orders are possible! The CD costs only 6€!

Also you can listen two new Tracks on YouTube!

Morar - Thee to Scorn


Morar - Tis Night


News 14.12.2015

- Finally I can announced one from the upcoming Releases for 2016!

Also I am proud thats Morar is now a part from Apocalyptic Art Rec.!

A.A. CD 007 Morar - Wahlheim

After debut EP, finally Morar returns with their debut full length

entitled "Wahlheim". The band keeping it's origin and members in secret, presents just music... Nature is the basic inspiration of MORAR's music and lyrics. The album includes 7 hymns lasting 47 minutes and combines atmospheric Black Metal with raw, primitive and grim parts. Band calls it Sophisticated Black Metal! Released in jewel case CD with 8 pages booklet in cooperation with Nebular Winter Productions & Apocalyptic Art Records.

- Upload one Song from the coming Morar album on YouTube called  “Embrace The Torrent”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfELZIDPn-c

-  Add Morar as new Artist on the Homepage (Information / Biography)

Shop update!

- Hak-Ed Damm / Blackhorned – Execrated Split CD  – Execrated Split CD

News 04.11.2015

Shop update!

- Dark Endless - Dem Tode verfallen CD

- Shadow under Arms - From the Abyss... to the Throne CD

News 13.10.2015

- The “A.A. MC005 Northern Frost / Wintergate Split MC is SOLD OUT!!!

Shop update!

- Infamous – Tempesta Digi CD

- Medo - Matéria Negra CD

- Nox Illunis – Metempsychosis CD

- Dizziness - Evocation Of Ancestral Grandeur MC

- Krv – Ograma MC

- Posmrtna -Vama Marg MC

- Rise Of Malice - Rise Of Malice MC

- Solitvdo - Immerso in un bosco di querce MC

- Tumulus Anmatus - Demo MMVII MC

News 26.09.2015

Shop update!

- Akolyytti – And from the Ashes i rose MC (Pro Cover)

- Necrohell – Under the Sign of a Pagan Winter (Pro-Cover) MC

- Utumno – Mörkets Rike ´97 / Syn av ei ukjend tid ´98 MC (Pro-Cover)

News 25.07.2015

Shop update!

- Aorlhac / Darkenhöld / Ossuaire / Ysengrin Split MCD

- Darkenhöld - A Passage to the Towers CD

- Helde - Suaren Gerizpea CD

- Nyctophobia – Ritual II: The Will of Darkness MCD

- Nydvind / Bornholm Split EP

- Vergos Di Noctis – Vosegus MC (Pro Tape)

News 16.07.2015

Shop update!

- Bleak / Fethuruz - Matices de Otros Tiempos CD

- Griefrain - Spring illusion CD

- Hamleypa - Im Morgen von Einst CD

- Morphinist - The Pessimist Session Digi CD

- Upload new Video for

Asche der Welten - Brennende Atmosphäre on YouTube!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6YVNgsDqOo

News 09.07.2015

- Shop update!

- Upload new Video for

Asche der Welten - Ascheregen on YouTube!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7avnv8sO8A

News 25.06.2015

- Shop update!

News 01.04.2015

- Shop update!

- New distribution releases from Nebular Winter Prod. available!

NWP08: Nemesis Sopor - Glas MC

NWP09: Arthedain - Arias Exalted MC

- Sadly bad news for the upcoming Mortuus Sum Album, but forbearance is not acquittance.…The release is now “on hold”….

Official Mortuus Sum statement


Here are the latest updates, regarding the upcoming first album "Vargavinter" and the band itself. Unfortunately the album will not be finished soon, due to some in-band issues and financial problems. With that being said, I am putting the band on ice. I am not happy for this decision at all, believe me, but it is beyond my powers. I don't know for how long the hiatus will last, but be assured, that if ANYTHING changes, you will be the first to know.

On behalf of the band, I would like to thank each and every one of you for the eternal support all this time. The album WILL BE released, but not at this point..Last but not least, I want to thank Apocalyptic Art for understanding and patience!

With honor and respect,


News 03.02.2015

- Shop update!

- Soon in stock! New releases from Nebular Winter Prod. (Official Distribution)!

- Upload new Video for Windstorm - Eternal Gods Forgotten MCD

on YouTube! Song: Hunger for Vengeance


- Bad news about the forthcoming Mortuus Sum Album "Vargavinter".

For more informations read the official Band statement.

Support the Band and stay tuned, the album will come!

Official Mortuus Sum statement, regarding the upcoming first album:


As some of you know, we are in the process of preparing the band's first album, entitled "Vargavinter". This album will contain songs written between 2007 and 2011. Well, here's the thing. There were a lot of difficulties during the recordings and once again, the "curse" strikes again...

Unfortunately, we will have to delay the release once more, due to some personal problems that occurred. We hope that we will be able to release it in 2015, thus ending the band's first era. We want to send our eternal hails to Apocalyptic Art for putting up with all of these tough situations and of course to all of those who are still following us, one way or another.

With honor and eternal gratitude,


News 15.01.2015

- Upload new Video for Dizziness - Offermort Hertiage Album on YouTube!

Song: The Age Of Darkness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5RR7RAa9jE

- The “Nachtreich - Sturmgang” Pro Tape is SOLD OUT!

Distribution from Seelenkrieg Rec.

- Here's a retrospective look at “Astarium's” 2013 album “Atenvx” on "This Noise Is Ours" http://thisnoiseisours.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/astarium-atenvx.html

News 31.12.2014

- Shop update!

- Thanks to all bands, friends, customers and business partners for the support in 2014! Apocalyptic Art wishes all a great New Year!

News 03.11.2014

- Upload a new “Mortuus Sum” preview track called “Sun.Supreme.Titan / Ήλιε.Μέγιστε.Τιτάνα" from the up coming album “Vargavinter” on YouTube (Click here: Sample )

News 20.10.2014

- Special offer from 20.10.2014 - 31.10.2014 click below for the list!!! “Special offer

News 28.09.2014

- Shop update!

News 11.09.2014

- Shop update!

- New review for Winterhauch - Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung MCD

on www.supportblackmetal.com

- Update Concert infos!

News 31.07.2014

- Shop update

News 28.07.2014

- Shop update! New Nebular Winter Prod. Releases are available!

News 24.07.2014

- Finally, the Mortuus Sum Album Cover is finished!!!

News 16.07.2014

- Shop update!

- Soon in stock! New Releases from Nebular Winter Prod. !

Check the Distribution page or the Shop pages.

NWP05: Nazghor - Life Impaled MC

NWP06: Ewigeis - Daupuz MC

NWP07: Human Serpent - The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism MC

- New Review for Frozen Land - Nostalgy CD on Support Black Metal!


News 13.06.2014

- Shop update

News 01.06.2014

- Shop update

News 24.04.2014


(from 26.04.2014 - 26.05.2014)

A.A. MC010 Astarium - Atenvx OUT NOW!

Astarium is back, with the 4th full lenght album called „Atenvx“!The Album includes 8 tracks and has a playtime of 35 minutes. SiN from Astarium creates whith the new songs a very greatmelodic, dark and atmospheric Black Metal Album!The Album will released as lim. Pro-Tapeversion to only 66 items!!!

A.A. CD003 Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation II OUT NOW!

New Label Compilation with, Asche der Welten*, Astarium*, Ater Incubus (pre-Winterhauch)*, Dizziness, Frozen Land*, Heresiarch Seminary, Mortuus Sum*, Stortregn, Windstorm and Wintermoon! The Sampler comes in a DVD-Box and contains10 tracks with a playtime over 60 minutes!*Furthermore you will find new or unreleased Songs from some Artists!

Since today, are both releases ready to ship! All pre-orders for the new Astarium release will send as soon as possible!

In this case, i need more space in stock!  

So you will find from 26.04.2014 - 26.05.2014 many reduced stuff! Check the special offer category!!!

Each customer gets one free Label Compilation II by an Order over 80€!!!

- Shop update

- Release update

News 25.03.2014

- Shop update!

- Pre-Orders for the coming Astarium Album „Atenvx“  are now possible!

The Tape is lim. 66 items only! Order your item for 4,50 Euro + p/p!

- The work on the second Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation is nearly finished! The CD comes in a lim. DVD-Box and includes 10 Bands!

- New review for Heresiarch Seminary - Whirlwind of wild hunt on


- Link update!

News 12.03.2014

- Shop update!

- The new Astarium Album „Atenvx“ is now in production!

- New review for Windstorm - Eternal Gods Forgotten on http://supportblackmetal.com!!!

News 02.02.2014

- Shop update!

- New shipping costs since 01.01.2014

- A.A. MC 003 Pakt - Unerreicht... Is SOLD OUT!

- A.A. Shirt 009 Wintermoon - Dogma is SOLD OUT!

- New Reviews for Stortregen -. Evocation of Light  Album  on www.aristocraziawebzine.com and www.schlachtenruf.de

News 22.12.2013

- Shop update! CD, Tapes and Vinyl!!!

News 09.11.2013

- Since November im proud to announce, thats i have a new

distribution partner called „Nebular Winter Prod.“! For more information check the category A.A. Releases -> Distribution! The releases from „Nebular Winter“ are availabe in middel of november!

- NEW Reviews for...   

 Stortregn - Evocation of Light MC

 Heresiarch Seminary - Whirlwind of wild hunt CD

 Heresiarch Seminary / Occulus / Windstorm Split CD

(look at the Artist category „Information Reviews / News“)


- The Heresiarch Seminary - Whirlwind of wild hunt Album is OUT NOW!!!

- Review for the Heresiarch Seminary / Occulus / Windstorm Split  “Ghosts of Winter”  07/10 Points Review on: NecroWeb.de (German)

News 18.09.2013

- The Heresiarch Seminary - Whirlwind of wild hunt Album coming soon, pre-orders are possible!

News 06.09.2013

- The Heresiarch Seminary - Whirlwind of wild hunt Album is now in production!

News 20.08.2013

- Finally, the Stortregn - Evocation Of Light - MC is OUT NOW and ready to ship!!!

News 15.08.2013

- Pre-Orders for the Stortregn - Evocation Of Light - MC are possible!

News 25.07.2013

- Back from holidays! All Orders will dispatched as soon as possible!

- The Stortregn - Evocation Of Light - MC COMING SOON!!!!

News 04.07.2013

- The Heresiarch Seminary and the Stortregn Layout are finished!

- New Dizziness interview on: House Of The Whipcord Zine!!!

- The Label and Shop is closed from 06.07. - 20.07.2013!

News 20.06.2013

- Tape Special offer from 21.06. - 04.07.2013!!!

Check out the“Special offer“ category ( as long as stocks last)!

- I can disclose a secret for the next yaer, in 2014 i will released the new Mortuss Sum Album on Tape! More information later...

- New reviews for Dizziness - Offermort Heritage CD (look at Artists)

News 23.05.2013



News 22.04.2013

- Upload „Heresiarch Seminary - Whirlwind of wild hunt“  Track on youtube and the Music Player!

- New Reviews for „Asche der Welten“ and „Dizziness“ (for info check the Artis category)

News 06.04.2013

- Review for Dizziness - Offermort Heritage (german) On: hateful-metal.de

News 27.03.2013

- Review for Dizziness - Offermort Heritage (greece) On: metalholocaust.gr  (088 / 100 Points)

- The 3 way Split CD with Heresiarch Seminary / Occulus / Windstorm - Ghosts of Winter coming SOON!

- Upload Cover from the „Stortregn“ Album „Evocation Of Light“!

News 21.03.2013

- Upload Sample from the forthcoming  „Stortregn“ Album „Evocation Of Light“! (Homepage Music Player)

- Apocalyptic Art interview  on House Of The Whipcord Zine!!! Click here for the Link -> Interview

News 18.03.2013

- Upload Samples from the fothcoming „Astarium“ Album „Atenvx“!

News 07.03.2013

- Finally the first full lenght Album from  Dizziness - Offermort Heritage“ is OUT NOW!!!

Warlike riffs,epic feeling, nostalgic melodies which them will remind you the glory days of the Hellenic Black Metal!

News 04.03.2013

- The second release from „Asche der Welten“ is finallyOUT NOW!!!

„Brennende Atmosphäre builds the second and most aggressive part of AdWs ABC trilogy. It demonstrates the deathly apocalyptic nuke in an authentic

Ambient Black Metal way.“The pro tape comes in a special and normal edition!

Normal Edition (lim. 111 items) Special Edition (comes in a special Slipcase incl. Pin and lim. to 33 items )

Check the Sample on the Homepage Music Player !!!

News 12.02.2013

- Upload new Heresiarch Seminary“ Band Logo!

News 05.02.2013

- Apocalyptic Art is proud to advertise, thats i will be released the second Full lenght Album from „Stortregn“ called „Evocation Of Light“.  

The release comes in Summer 2013 on Pro-Tape in a lim. edtion. Some information you will find in the category „Artists“. More details later...

- Upload from the coming Heresiarch Seminary“ Album „Whirlwind of wild hunt“!

News 29.01.2013

- I am proud to announce thats the second Heresiarch Seminary“ Album will be released over Apocalyptic Art in Summer / Autumn 2013! More information soon...

- After some retards, the new „Asche der Welten“ release coming soon!

- The Layout for the „Dizziness - Offermort Heritage“ CD is completed!

In the next days i got the Master CD for the production!

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