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Seelenkrieg Rec. Distribution
Nebular Winter Productions Distribution (Since November 2013)

NWP05: Nazghor - Life Impaled MC / 4 Euro (SOLD OUT)
Nazghor is a new satanic realm from Sweden. This is a debut full lenght album.
Containing  47 minutes full of hate and satanic filling created in melodic riffs,
killing blast beats and rabid vocals! Lim. to 100 items.

destructive-music - (9/10 Points)
SAMPLE: Nazghor - The Throne of Darkness

NWP06: Ewigeis – Daupuz MC / 4 Euro (SOLD OUT)
Ewigeis is coming back with their third demo. The release includes 3 songs,
lasting 15 minutes of pure cold and nostalgic black metal influenced by the
scandinavian scene of the middle 90's.Lim. to 100 items.

Reviews: - (4/5 Points) - (7/10 Points)
SAMPLE: Ewigeis - Daupuz

NWP07: Human Serpent - The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism MC / 4 Euro
The new fist in the face of God has just arrived! This is the debut full length of the
young Hellenic band Human Serpent. After their grand debut demo, they now
return stronger with  the album called "The Gradual Immersion in Nihilism".
Pure Misanthropic and Nihilistic Black Metal! Lim. to 300 items.

(blogofnortherndarkness) - 7/10
( - 8/10
( - 9/10
( - 93/100
( - 96/100

SAMPLE: Human Serpent - I'm a Misanthrope