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Celtefog – Deliverance MC (Pro-Tape) 5 Euro
Fantastic debut Album! From the dark depths of the fens, of the northern Hellas, 9 Songs of pure atmospheric / pagan Black Metal.
Lim. to 111 items!

Deathrow – The Beginning Of The End MC 3 Euro
True Black Metal from Italy!

Defunctus Astrum - ×åðíàÿ Çâåçäà (Pro-Cover) 4 Euro  
Mystical and Obscure Black Metal!

Den Saakaldte - Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon 4 Euro
Norwegian Black Metal

Desir de Mourir – Incure the Wrath of Silence Tape 5 Euro
Ambient Black Metal like Cold World. 6 Songs of pure melancholy. Limited to 100 pro-done MCs, remixed and new mastered.

Diablolical Principles – Diabolicus Principia MC (Pro-Tape) 5 Euro
Raw, atmospheric old school Black Metal from Greece. Included 9 selected tracks from the entire band´s discography!
Lim. to 100 items!

Dizziness / Lykauges - At the Whirlwind of Our Storm Split MC (Pro Tape) 4 Euro
Great Split from both Bands! True Black Metal from Greece!  Lim. to 300 items. Highly recommended!

Dizziness - …Hordes… MC (Pro-Tape) 5 Euro
Great Black Metal from Greece! Included 11 selected tracks from the entire band´s discography! Lim. to 100 items!

Dizziness - Evocation Of Ancestral Grandeur MC 3,50 Euro
Second Demo from this great Hellenic Black Metal Band! Lim. to 300 items.

Elimi – Summoned from ashes MC (Pro Tape) 3 Euro
Pure Swedish Black Metal, not less not more. For fans of Watain, Throne of Ahaz, old Dimmu Borgir, ... or just every Black Metal Maniac.

Ensom Skogen – Feuerkult MC (Pro-Tape) 3 Euro
Brand new release from this German underground Black Metal Band! Pure, raw and hatered  Black Metal!

Evil Dead -Fall of seraphs MC 3 Euro
Black Metal from Slovakia

NWP01: Falgar - La Dama Del Alba MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro
This is the third full length in Tape. Falgar is one man band from Puerto Rico and plays hymnic down-tempo metal.
The album reminds the old days of Burzum, Forgotten Woods, Strid, etc... An album for the lone wolves who struggle
and for those who dwell in the shadows overlook and unknown. Tape come limited to 100 hand-numbered copies in
purple (clear) cassettes.

Flagellated Seraph - Beyond Salvation MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro
Lim. Tape version of the first ablum from this killer Swedish orthodox Black Metal Horde!

Förtvivlan - Förtvivlan MC 3,50 Euro
Great Depressive Black Metal / Rock!

Gratzug - Mondtore MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro
Gratzug plays pure Black Metal in the traditional way! Lim. to 70 items only!

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