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Adumus – To Heed The Call Of War CD 12 Euro

Cold Black Metal from this Northamerican cult.Re-release of the first album with new coverart and 2 Bonus Tracks!

Acacia - Tills döden skiljer oss åt CD 10 Euro

Acacia was born like a Phoenix out of the ashes of Livsnekad. I can't explain the album with my own words. You only can feel this

melancholic and atmospheric spirit of this swedish Doom/Black Metal band when you listen to the whole album.Fans of Livsnekad

will be not dissapointed for sure. And if you like bands like My Dying Bride, Alcest or Shining you will love this album!

Aegrotum - Hostimentum Digi Vinyl CD 10 Euro

German Black Metal. Re-Release from the first 3 Demos on a 6 Panel Digipack (lim. to 100 items)!

Aether Vitrum - Bellum Iustum Pro- CD-r 7,99 Euro

German underground Black Metal! Special lim. edition only to 30 items! Includes A4 Poster, Postcard and Sticker!

Aethernaeum - Naturmystik CD 10 Euro

2nd album from this very epic and atmospheric Black Metal band.

Ahnengrab – Omen CD 10 Euro

Pagan black metal with a melancholic atmosphere, rousing black metal riffing and traditional metal influences.

Amins Nihili - Christological escalation Digi MCD 8 Euro

4 tracks/17 minutes of Harsh and mesmerizing metal!!! “Christological Escalation” is now available in digipack!

We are offering it at a nice-price, given the minicd format but also given the fact that we would like to focus

as much as possible people’s attention on this killer release, hopefully introductory to a full length...

Ancestor / Unlight Domain Split CD 9 Euro

Fast and raw Black Metal from Cuba

Ancestrum - Spells by the northern Winds CD 11,90 Euro

Black Metal with some Folk influence! Very great mix and very good clean vocals.

Andras – Warlord CD 11,90 Euro

Many fans of ANDRAS have waited for this with desire: one of the very first Pagan Black Metal-hordes from Germany at all with their

newest musical Heathen Metal hammerstrike!- a high-quality release in the purest & timeless way! - comes with great painted cover-artwork

& finest layout!

Angantyr Svig Digi CD 12,90 Euro

"Svig" [Deceit] is the much anticipated 4th album of Denmark's leading Black Metal act. The lyrics continue the concept story
of Arngrim, which started on the monumental "Hævn" album, and also music-wise Angantyr continues in the same unique and
valued style which has brought the band such a cult following during the dozen years of its existence. Perhaps the only thing
that changes is that on each album the music is more and more refined and perfected, which is now culminating in those six

new hymns that make up "Svig". Despite the fact that many people thought Angantyr reached its zenith with the landmark album

that is "Hævn" we can safely say that no fan of Angantyr or Northern Black Metal in general will want to miss Ynleborgaz' new album!

Animo Aeger - Impulse CD 10 Euro

This unique german project merges the majestic, cold harshness of early norwegian BM with thrilling structures,

truly memorable riffs and extremely varied, sometimes bizarre vocals into something that is so passionate and compelling

that it will keep the listener hooked for many spins. "Impuls" was recorded at the band's rehearsal room, a fact that partly shows

in its thin (but organic) sound, but the maturity and strength of the songs themselves easily outshines these minor shortcomings

and makes it hard to believe that this is "only" a debut album.

Animus - Poems For The Aching, Swords For The Infuriated CD 5,50 Euro

Depressiv, suffering and dispair Black Metal.

Animus Mortis - Atrabilis (residues of Verb & Flesh) CD 9 Euro

Occult and fast Black Metal, very hypnotizing stuff.

Anwar – Ehrfurcht CD 10 Euro

German melodic Black Metal with a great sound and production! Total awesome!

A.A. CD 001 Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation I

Each customer gets one free Label Compilation CD by an Order over 50€.

This Compilation is only for promotion! Ten Tracks of pure Black Metal with current and sold out releases.

Bands: Northern Frost, Apocalyptic Art, Dark Endless, Wintergate, Astarium and Incinerator!

A.A. CD 003 Apocalyptic Art – Label Compilation II 6,99 Euro

Each customer gets one free Label Compilation II by an Order over 80€!!!

New Label Compilation with, Asche der Welten*, Astarium*, Ater Incubus (pre-Winterhauch)*, Dizziness, Frozen Land*, Heresiarch Seminary, Mortuus Sum*, Stortregn, Windstorm and Wintermoon! The Sampler comes in a DVD-Box and contains10 tracks with a playtime over 60 minutes!*Furthermore you will find new or unreleased Songs from some Artists!

Apolion - Hungry Of Souls CD 9 Euro

11 Tracks of nothing but harsh, bastard, impudent Black Metal with Necro black´n´roll approach and Fuck you attitude.

Pure hateful Black Metal from Italy.

Apolion – Death Grows into Sperm CD 10 Euro

New Album!!! Grim, raging, harsh, powerful yet decadent Black Metal in your faces!

Latest Album from Arckanum, comes in a very nice digifile.

Apolokia - MCMXCV . MCMXCVII CD 10 Euro

Grim and satanic Black Metal from Italy. Finally, both Demos from 1995 and 1997 on CD.

Apotheosis - Vama Marga CD 9,90 Euro

Excellent German Satanic Black Metal with the old Hader Members. Great Atmospheric, Satanic and Old School!!!

Armagedda – I Am Digisleeve MCD 8,90 Euro

Hidden from light in the depths and chambers of mysticism and woe until now, The great gate has finaly opended!

4 never before published songs except for “I Am” which was performed live during the “Marching Towards Christian

Extermination” tour back in 2002, this EP features a great, lost recording from somewhere back in 2001 - 2002, that will now live forever !

Asofy – Percezione CD 11,90 Euro

Asofy, a cold atmospheric voyage into the suburbs of the soul. Elegant 12 pages booklet layout!

Astarium - Invasion To Forbidden Pro CD-R 6,66 Euro

New output from this great BM project! Lim. to 100 only.

Astarium – Ostracism Of Anachoret Pro-CD-r 5 Euro

Second MCD from this great one man Black Metal project! The CD incl. a sticker and is lim. to 50 items only!

Astrofaes - Dying Emotions Domain Digi CD 12 Euro

Debut album of Ukrainian black metal veterans, Astrofaes. Remastered and presented in a luxurious digipack with 8 page booklet.

Ater Era - Benath Inanimate Grime Digi CD 12 Euro

Their second full length album now available.Seven tracks that shall embark you onto a voyage of isolation, depression and dark sensual experiences... A journey where one's profane imagination takes over. ATER ERA deliver a distinctive black metal album, highly influenced by twisted psychedelic aesthetics. This music is laced with high tension and strange atmospheres... it spans deep visions, as well as a self realization of emptiness and despair that surround our horrid modern day society. A tenebrous aura that envelops the listener in its horrifying darkness. This is the manifestation of a new age!

Atrum Inritus-Prognatus in Vorago Digi CD 12 Euro

Occult Black Metal from the USA whit a very dark ambience.

Atrium Noctis – Home CD 10 Euro

The third opus: touching black metal in 8 dramatic stories about the way from life to death, coupled with deep sinfonic moments

and passages of epic and dark wistfulness. 20 paged Booklet

AUÐN - Auðn CD 11,90 Euro

A rather calm and very atmospheric Band from Iceland (nowadays the Country when it comes to Killer Black Metal like Svartidaudi for example) with their self-titled debut. They remind me of October Falls or Agalloch but with more Black Metal aggression and a rougher edge.

Augria - Chains of despair MCD 5 Euro

cold Black Metal from north germany in the vein of tulus etc.

Augrimmer - From The Lone Winters Cold, CD 11,90 Euro

After their MCD from Jan '09 Augrimmer return and show how to perfect one's style in half a year. Imagine a bastard combining the

grimness of old Norwegian Black Metal á la early Immortal & Gorgoroth with the raw yet more melodic & lead guitar-oriented

Swedish art of bands such as Thy Primordial, Dissection & early Setherial.

Austere - Withering illusions & Desolation (Australia) CD 10 Euro
AUSTERE means total despair and contempt through a high-class and well-performed desolate black metal. You will find icy riffs,

harsh vocals and deleterious atmosphere all along this one.

Austere – Only the Wind Remembers Digisleeve MCD 8,90 Euro

Austere present here 2 long tracks which have been taken from the split release with UK's Lyrinx and were recorded in October - 2007.

The sound here is of a bleak angle and showing the band in its most tourtured state. With a progression in sound and musical formula

from their first public album "Withering Illusions and Desolation" although the recording was still taken care of by Desolate, the band

has managed to achieve a reflection from deep within. The effect of these two songs was dragging along in this range rarely so

intensively, so authentically. Mood driven music with an evident feeling of despair, This is the rising of the grey dawn! Feel the chords

of melancholia sink in like the crimson through thy veins... This re-issue comes with a carefully designed and deluxe digisleeve package

with a printed inner-pocket !

Aversio Humanitatis / Selbst / Nihil Split CD 11,90 Euro

This is not a bizzare junction of random and cheap songs of three unrelated bands, this IS a well constructed and compenetrated

piece of Dark Art. All the elements that conforms this work (lyrics, compositions, production, philosophy and the exclusive artwork

that complete this album) were thought from the beginning to reach a logic coherence, and offer an own and unique essence as a whole.

Balnasar – Reich der Asche Digi MCD 6,66 Euro

Melancholic/Ambient Black Metal. 4 Tracks 30 minutes playtime.

Bard Brann / Ekove Efrits - Key To The Kingdom Of Shadows CD 9 Euro

A split of black alliance between two one-man bands, from USA and Iran. BARD BRANN created his portion of this split with

more emphasis on atmosphere and darkness than aggression. The songs' mood would reflect one's innermost thoughts during

the 'dark night of the soul' as it were; music by which to kill yourself… EKOVE EFRITS is the solo project of Count De Efrit,

Depressive Black Metal act from Iran. The work presents a tormented individual, with unusual arrangements and very personal approach.

About the ideology, the themes are mainly about Nature, Sorrow, Darkness, Philosophy and Death.

Begrafven – Begrafven MCD 7,77 Euro

Finally the Songs from the Swedish Band Begrafven are now available! The music is totally in the vain from the good

old days of Swedish Black Metal!

Belenos - Chemins de Souffrance CD 9 Euro

New album of the leading Celtic Black Metal band from France.

Beltane -  Auld Toby  CD 12,50 Euro

Full length Album from this sick obscure Black Metal maniacs.

Beltane - Brown Metal MCD 7,50 Euro

Sick and obscure BM from this New Zealand Act!

Beltane / Witchcraft Split CD 12,50 Euro

Raw, sick and obscure BM from both Bands.

Beltane - Winterglim MCD 7,50 Euro

Great MCD, it´s a little bit in the vain of Ragnarok from UK. Black Metal

Beltane -  Rehearsal Autumn MCD 7,50 Euro

Obscure Black Metal mixed with Raw Black and Roll.

Beltane - Sig Neun MCD 7,50 Euro

Black and Roll BM from New Zealand like Heretic!

Benighted in Sodom / Nocturnal Depression / Deathrow - Dismal Empyrean CD 11 Euro

Amazing split release between 3 hordes of impending negativity... A explaining text isn`t need if you know the band names.

If you are into one of those bands, get this CD so long you can and feel the sad songs upon your skin before doing your last breath…

Black Autumn - The Advent October MCD 8 Euro

The MCD is composed by 4 tracks, all of them very melodic and consistent. Artwork cover shows us desolated greyish woods and skies.

The whole work is the perfect soundtrack for a solitary travel in the Autumn rain and cold.

Black Horizonz - Koma Digi CD 11,90 Euro

The 3rd CD of this German Black Metal Band. Not only for Fans of old Satyricon.

Released as a nice 6 Panel Digipack with 8 pages booklet.

Black Hate (Mex.) - Years Of Solitude CD 13,50 Euro

Pain, Hate, Destruction, Depression! Very great Depressive Black Metal from Mexico!

Bleak / Fethuruz - Matices de Otros Tiempos CD 11,90 Euro

Post Black Metal Shoegaze from Venezuela (incl. a Lantlos Cover Song). Some tracks reminds me to the early Alcest demos. Limited Edition to 500 copies!

Blodarv - Civitas Diabolic MCD 7,90 Euro

Fantastic MCD from this cult Black Metal Act!

Bonjour Tristesse - Par Un Sourire CD 13,50 Euro

Pure melancholic Black Metal, nothing more to say!

Broken Life - When Negative Feelings Drown This Life CD 9 Euro

Depressive Black Metal Debut Album, Triebtat & Sacrimoon Members!

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