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A.A. MC001 Dark Endless - Lebensfremd - MC

Tape Version from the great MCD.
Cold, dark and depressive Black Metal from Germany.
This Tape includes a special Bonus Track wich you can find only on this MC.
Limited to 50 items.
Status: SOLD OUT

A.A. MC 002 Dark Endless - Lebensfremd

A.A. MC002 Apocalyptic Fire - Abyss - MC

Cold atmopsheric Black Metal with some great melodies.The music is a mix
of modern and older Black Metal from the middle 90´ s.
With any fast and slow parts and a very good sound, this release will fascinate you.
6 tracks of hate, negative emotions and apocalyptic visions will take your soul
in to the abyss. Both tape-versions come in a professional artwork.

A.A. MC002 Apocalyptic Fire - Abyss -
Black Edition (lim. to 100 items)
Status: SOLD OUT

A.A. MC002 Apocalyptic Fire - Abyss -
White Edition (lim. to 50 items + Bonus Track and Logo Pin)
Status: SOLD OUT

A.A. MC002 Apocalyptic Fire - The End

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