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Seelenkrieg Rec. Distribution
Nebular Winter Productions Distribution (Since November 2013)

NWP01 Falgar - La Dama Del Alba MC / 4 Euro
This is the third full length in Tape. Falgar is one man band
from Puerto Rico and plays hymnic down-tempo metal.
The album reminds the old days of Burzum, Forgotten Woods, Strid, etc...
An album for the lone wolves who struggle and for those who dwell in
the shadows overlook and unknown. Tape come limited to
100 hand-numbered copies in purple (clear) cassettes.

Review: (07/10 Points)
SAMPLE: Falgar - La Dama Del Alba

NWP02 Himonas - To The Battlements MC / 4 Euro (SOLD OUT)
This is the first strike of Himonas. Himonas with this release offer
43 minutes of epic atmosphere,warlike feeling and hateful outbursts!
An album for the nostalgic ones of traditional '90 black metal sound.
With a few words Hellenic Black Metal at it's best!
Tape come limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Review: (09/10 Points) - (8,5/10 Points)
SAMPLE: Himonas - The Heart of Winter

NWP03 Ewigeis - Abgrund MC / 4 Euro
Nebular Winter Production is going back in the near past of German
underground black metal scene and represents this amazing demo,
this time on Tape. The release includes 3 songs, lasting 15 minutes,
strong enough  to please your cold and hateful feelings and carry
you back in nordic black metal times...

Review: - (9/10 Points)
SAMPLE: Ewigeis - Im Nachtgeraune Melodien (Abgrund)

NWP04 Morar - Chants of Ossian MC / 4 Euro (SOLD OUT)
"Chants of Ossian" is the debut mini-album of the band.
Morar plays sophisticated Black Metal for all and none exclusively!
Released on Tape limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.  

Review: - (8/10 Points) - (8,5/10 Points)
SAMPLE: MORAR - "Four Stones" (Official Lyric Video)