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Tenebrositas –Autumnal Servitude MC (Pro Tape) 4,50 Euro  (new in stock)
Fast and atmospheric black metal from croatia. The tape comes with a sticker and is limited to 50 pieces.

Tenebrositas / Xerión – Split MC (Pro Tape) 5,00 Euro (new in stock)
Really good split release of both bands. Tenebrositas from Croatia playing atmospheric fast black metal.
Xerion from spain play Galician Mythology and Folklore black metal.
The tape comes shrink-wrapped and in a cardboard slipcase and is limited to 100 pieces.
Additionally a Tenebrositas sticker is included.

Tod - Black Metal Manifesto-Album Pro-Tape 4 Euro
Grim Apocalyptic Black Metal from Ita.!!! It contains three live bonus tracks recorded in Bologna, Italy on 06 October 2004:
Plenilune of Sorrow; Blood Filled Eyes; and, Black Vengeance of Death.

Triumphus Mortis - Crepuscolo Spirituale Pro Tape 4 Euro
Italian Black Metal!!!

Tumulus Anmatus - Demo MMVII MC 4,50 Euro
Re-release from the first Demo of this great Italian Black Metal Band! Lim. only to 300 items!

Umbra Noctis - Il Primo Volo MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro
Umbra Noctis came back with their first full lenght cd after the split cd with Gort. Their dinstictive sound made of inspired and
epic black metal with gloomy atmospheres, some slow patterns and intimate lyrics in italian language.

Urgewalt – Traumweber I (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro
Occult, dark and atmospheric Black Metal from Germany with some ambient parts!

Utumno – Mörkets Rike ´97 / Syn av ei ukjend tid ´98 MC (Pro-Cover) 4 Euro
Re-release of their ancient Demonic Sorceries from the 90´s on one Tape! Lim. to 200 items only!

Valkyrja – The invocation of demise MC (Pro Tape + PIN ) 3 Euro
Fast swedish black metal with a perfect production - KILLER! For fans of Watain, Marduk, …

Valosta Varjoon – Von Licht zu Schatten (Pro-Tape) MC 4,50 (new in stock)
Second release of this really good underground project. Misanthropic and anti-life black metal
with lyrics about the local history in Bayern /Neumarkt. The tape is limited to 100 pieces.

Vergos Di Noctis – Vosegus MC (Pro Tape) 4 Euro
Pagan Black Metal from France! Tape Album Limited to 300 copies!

Vetusmora - of Nostalgy and Rout MC (Pro Tape) 4,50 Euro
Ambient/Depressive Black Metal from Greece and Germany! Tape Version from the Demo CD-R + Intro and Outro Track!

Virus of Koch – Lux Et Veritas MC (Pro Tape) 4,50 Euro
Their debut full length album now available on tape! Avant-garde Black Metal, 8 tracks
of esoteric black magic journey (lim. only to 100 items)!

Vollmond - Rituals of Conquest MC 4,50 Euro
Occult and Cosmic Doom / Black Metal from Italy!

Wilds Forlorn - Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes MC 3,50 Euro
Wilds Forlorn is a musical solo project that was founded in 2008. Originally the music featured only piano works, but it gradually
took on different forms. Soon violins, cellos and full orchestral string sections were to accompany the music.
And eventually black metal influences were added.

Wilds Forlorn - The Great Loss MC 3,50 Euro
The first Full-length Album on Tape! Great Atmospheric Black Metal!

Windstorm – Eternal Gods Forgotten MC 3,50 Euro
This two man Band from Greece plays traditional Raw Black Metal in the vain of the 90´s.
The music reminds me on the good old days where Black Metal it was not for the masses and the first releases from
Gorgoroth. The MC contains 5 Songs with a playtime from 28 Minutes.

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