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Nacht - Impressions of the Night (Pro-Tape) MC 5 Euro
Under the cold and eerie moonlight you are invited to do a mysterious journey far away from time. Be prepared for a melancholic
wandering into a hidden and unknown nature. A bleak walking through the dark forest. Let the moonlight lead you into a hypnotic
and oddly fog with the sad guarantee of no return. Melancholic and natural Black Metal that will take you for a last journey...
Limited to 300 Pro-Cassette.

Nachtig – Demo 1 (Pro-Tape) MC 4,50 Euro (new in stock)
Very good first output of this new and young project from Germany. Atmospheric and minimalistic melodic black metal.
The tape is limited to 100 pieces.

Nachtvorst - Meditations I MC 5 Euro
A new and dark recording. Get involved by the somber mysteries of a unknown source of wisdom and darkness. One slow
and hypnotic song of Drone/Black Metal that leads the occult ritual ! 22 Minutes of occult soundscape... Limited to
200 handnumbered copies. Pro-Cassette, both side printed/recorded.

Necrohell – Under the Sign of a Pagan Winter (Pro-Cover) MC 4 Euro
The ungodly Horde from Greece with their first Demonic Sorcery and two Bonus Songs. For true Black Metal
Warriors who prefer the ancient blasphemies of early  Gorgoroth and Darkthrone. Lim. to 200 items.

Nihil – Cosmic Pessimism MC (Pro-Tape) 4,50 Euro
Great Black Metal from Spain!

Orfvs – Demo I MC Pro Tape 4 Euro
True fucking Black Metal from Finland, in the vain of the good old 90´s!!!

Patria – Faithless MC 9 Euro
The MC is presented in a folded DIN A5 size with spine, resembling an A6 in its folded state, with the Norelco box glued
inside and the tape label in skin-tone tan. Just to make it more imminent, the 2008 Demo "Hills of Mist" is included as a bonus.
Necro black Metal with that early 90's atmospheres. Nobody will escape the mist. The tape edition is strictly limited
to 111 hand numbered edition, and all will come with a well made woven patch with the cover motive (patch size 10 cm x10 cm).

Posmrtna -Vama Marg MC 4 Euro
Last output from this Serbian Black Metal Band on Tape! Fast, raw and grim Black Metal! Lim. to 300 items.

Ravensvart - In den Fängen der Kälte MC 4 Euro
True German Black Metal in the traditional way of the middle 90´s (with member from Asche der Welten).

Rise Of Malice - Rise Of Malice MC 4 Euro
Last output from this Hellenic underground Black Metal Band! Pure raw and fast Black Metal in the vain of the 90´s! Lim. to 300 items.

Sarg - Fuck the Life Out of You MC (Pro Tape) 4 Euro
Anti-Religious, Anti-Human, Anti-Life Black Metal from Poland!

Selbst – Veritas Filia Temporis MC (Pro Tape) 4,50 Euro
True fucking Black Metal from Venezuela in the good old way from the 90´s!!!

Solitvdo - Immerso in un bosco di querce MC 4,50 Euro
First Full Length Album of this Italian one man band.6 songs, 50 minutes of black metal with acoustic elements.
Limited to 48 copies

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