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Welcome to the Apocalyptic Art Homepage

General Information:

Please do not send any Promo / Demo or Release requests!!!

At the moment i sign not new Bands!!! Bands under contract and announced Releases excluded also  Artists i stand in negotiations.

News 06.10.2017

- About the 10th anniversary of the recordings of Apocalyptic Fire's MCD "Abyss" and the long-sold out CDs and cassettes, you can now download 100 times the digital version of the complete MCD on the Apocalyptic Art Bandcamp site for free.

For the Download Code send a PM!

- The Special Edition from Asche der Welten -Brennende Atmosphäre is SOLD OUT. Regular Edition is still available!

News 27.04.2017

Shop- Update!

New CD´s from War Against Yourself Rec., Nihilistische Klang Kunst & Todessucht in stock!

- Broken Life - When Negative Feelings Drown This Life CD

- Chaoscraft -Procreation Through Disaster CD

- Dhampyr - All The Dead Dears CD

- Deadlife / Glädjekällor / Lidelse / Winter Willow - Wilted Split CD

- Empire Of Blood – Oroboros CD

- Freitod Zeremonie – Monotonie Leben CD

- Funeral Fog - Isolated From Light CD

- Kerker - Ban all lights CD

- Like Desolate Like True - Don't Worry... Die Happy CD

- Nebelschwaden - Nostalgie & Apathie CD

- Thanatomania – Drangsal MCD

- Todessucht – Wertlos CD

- Trauer - A walk into the twilight CD

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