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Seelenkrieg Rec. Distribution

A.A. MCD 001 Wintergate - Slave of Satan -MCD-R

Pure cold satanic Black Metal with ambiente parts

a fist in the face of god.

Pro-Print Booklet lim. to 200 items

Status: SOLD OUT

A.A. MCD 002 Incinerator - Incinerator -MCD-R

Raw Black Metal in the vain of the good old 90´s. Northing for

fucking Black Metal trendies.

The CD comes in a very nice DVD-Box an is limited to 100 itmes.

Status: SOLD OUT


A.A. MCD 002 Incinerator - The Aim

A.A. MCD 004 Windstorm - Eternal Gods Forgotten

This two man Band from Greece plays traditional Raw Black Metal in

the vain of the 90´s. The music reminds me on the good old days

where Black Metal it was not for the masses and the first releases from

Gorgoroth. The CD contains 5 Songs with a playtime from 28 Minutes

(limited to 500 items).

Status: Status: AVAILABLE

SAMPLE: A.A. MCD 004 Windstrom - Eternal Gods Forgotten

SAMPLE: A.A. MCD 004 Windstorm - Hunger For Vegeance

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