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Seelenkrieg Rec. Distribution
Seelenkrieg Records Distribution (Since August 2011)

SKR 011 Wintermoon - Dogma Digi CD / 10 Euro
The new Wintermoon Album is finaly out now! Pure raw and grim
Satanic Black Metal at is best! Wintermoon plays Black Metal in
the good old traditional way! The CD comes in a very nice Digipack!

Review: 06/10
Black Metal ist (Italy)
SAMPLE: SKR 011 Wintermoon - Angst I

SKR 004  Wintermoon - Arroganz CD / 6 Euro
True Black Metal Art from Germany!


SKR 012 Nur Ein See - 'Traumtänzer'Digipak CD-R / 5 Euro
If you like the piano works of Nachtreich or Lebensessenz, then this is
highly recommend for you! Lim. only to 100 items!


SKR 003 Nachtreich – Von Dornen & Selbstmord CD-R
Neoklassik/Metal CD-R, ltd. 200 SOLD OUT!!!
SAMPLE: SKR 003 Nachtreich - Von Dornen und Selbstmord

SKR 010 Nachtreich – Sturmgang Pro-Tape SOLD OUT!!!
Neoklassik/Metal comes with A5 card, ltd. to 200 hand-numbered items


SKR 008 Vetle – Blodvegen Pro -Tape
Ambient Tape, ltd. 100, hand-numbered SOLD OUT!!!