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Seelenkrieg Rec. Distribution
Nebular Winter Productions Distribution (Since November 2013)

NWP08: Nemesis Sopor - Glas MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro (SOLD OUT)
Nemesis Sopor originated from Germany and plays Athmospheric Black Metal at
his best! Glas is the second full length and released in May on CD by the band. 
Now we are presents the Tape version of this album. Tape includes 8 songs,
lasting 60+ minutes! Contains a bonus song ("Schwingen der Leere") from debut
album that re-recorded just for the purpose of this version. Comes limited to
100 hand-numbered copies on smoky transparent pro-printing cassettes!

( - 7/10
( - 8/10
( - 8/10
( - 9/10

SAMPLE: Nemesis Sopor - Stille Heimat
SAMPLE: Nemesis Sopor - Weisse Augen (official)

NWP09: Arthedain - Arias Exalted MC (Pro-Tape) 4 Euro (SOLD OUT)
Arthedain is a young band from US/Germany that was formed in early 2014. A dark
musical vessel through which founder Charles Wolford created to share his harmonic
evocations. In August, Tobias S. (Der Weg einer Freiheit) joined the band in time to
record the hammerbounds on this release! The band creates dark, cold & agressive
soundscapes that threaten to fall apart at any time, a combination of traditional
Black Metal with many additional influences. EP contains 4 tracks of
limited to 100 hand-numbered copies!

( 9,5/10
( 9/10
( 10/10

SAMPLE: Arthedain - Visions Of Fire