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V/A - An Argentinean Tribute to Bathory – Odens Ride over Southernland DigiCD 11 Euro

Great tribute Sampler form Argentinean Bands: Ancestrum, As Drarkness Fell, Ecliptic Sunset, Progrom, Ruins of Church, War Pestilence, Kliffoth, Wolves Winter, Saagar, Helcaraxe and Helvete.

V/A - A Tribute To Norwegian Black Metal (Sampler) Pro - DVD-R 5 Euro

This is a very great Sampler from russian Bands Astarium, Burial Mist, Gmork, Forever Dard Woods, Mortality and many many more.

The Cover Songs a from the oldest norwegian Bands (Burzum, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Emperor, Ulver, Satyricon and so on).

The Sound and the musical conversion from the Tracks is really successful!  lim. to 170 items incl. Video Tracks

Attention: The DVD only works on the PC and certain DVD players and cannot be started via the stereo system.

V/A - Hellenic Metal Of Black Death CD  6,66 Euro

Great Sampler with Hellenic Black / Death Metal Bands. Wampyrinacht, Medieval Demon, Nergal, Crucifiction, Sadistic Noise,

Windstorm, Slaughtered Priest, Caedes Cruenta, Bacchius, Dizziness, Wolfhowl, Cantar, Dawn Of Division,

Tempel Of Evil and Diablery

V/A – Tollwut – Sampler I CD 6,66 Euro

Pure Underground Sampler with House of the Bumblebee, Stygian Owl, Inistenz, Inanes Cana, Prevail in Decay, Aura Solaris,

Massengrab, Asche der Welten and Morwind. Lim to 50 items only!

Vanhelga – Höst CD 10 Euro
"Höst" continues where "Angest" ends. Melancholic,sick and depressive music that destroys your mind. The perfect soundtrack for this winter.

The music is definitely for fans of Apati and the mighty Lifelover. Be prepared for it - as of now an ex-member of Lifelover joined Vanhelga.

Vardan – My Last Pit Of Salvation CD 11,90 Euro

Raw, atmospheric and depressive Black Metal.

Vargnatt – Durch die Stille CD 9 Euro

Finally new tracks from this insiders tip! Highly recommend Black Metal.

Varulv – „Hellish Presence“ CD 10 Euro

HELLISH PRESENCE, the eagerly awaited debut album of the Austrian black metal band VARULV is now available. Nostalgic melodies,

aggressive blast beats & thrilling vocals! 57 minutes of atmospheric but grim black metal drags the listener into the wild

and rough world of this unique music.

Veldraveth - Undefined God CD 11 Euro

Black death metal from Venezuela!

Verdun - Sov Du Lilla Samvete  CD 11,50 Euro

Depressive and Trist Black Metal from Sweden.

Vetusmora – Lugubre CD-r 2 Euro

3 Songs and 25 Minutes of never ending sorrow. Ambient/Depressive Black Metal from Greece and Germany!

Vex-Vex Digipak CD 11 Euro

Here we have the fabulous debut album of the belgian band VEX.
The music is depressive melodic black metal with harsh & clean vocals,postrock/sludge influences and really great melodic parts.

Unique and not a clone!!! Mastered in Necromorbus Studio and limited to 400 Digipaks with 3D varnish print! With members of Verloren & Paragon Impure

Vredehammer -  4.September MCD Digi Version 9 Euro

Lim. 200 on nice digipack format with different Layout From the cold north of Norway the extreme metal-monster: "VREDEHAMMER"

is unleashed! Per Valla, (maincomposer and guitarist of the extrememetalband "Elite") is ready to release his first soloalbum "4.September"
which combines the elements of traditional black metal with ultra fast riffing, vikingmetal and TONS of agression!
Warning: Musical content may cause serious neck injuries!

Vredehammer - Pans Skygge MCD 7,50 Euro

Brandnew mini cd of this cult norwegian black metal act !!

Vesano - Gritos do Tempo CD 10 Euro

The 1st album of the southern depressive squad. After serveral demo cassettes, VESANO captured a ceromony of melancholy

and solitude on CD format. Vesano carries a mournful heritage, of old houses, old pictures, old lives... an omnipresent obcession

with the past and all that died. A journey of midplaced morbid black/doom, to what once was... 7 tracks for a unforgetable ritual.

Limited to 500 cds.

Vinterthron - Reign Ov Opposites Digi CD 10 Euro

VINTERTHRON (formerly called ANCIENTBLOOD) play raw and unprogressive Black Metal in the vein of the old gods like

BATHORY, CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER or DARKTHRONE, mixed with some thrashing influences and an unhealthy dose

of south-american madness. Featuring members of DARKEST HATE WARFRONT, LUX FERRE, MYSTERIIS, SONGE D’ENFER etc.;

Artwork & layout by Marcelo HVC (Vader, Gorgoroth, Absu, Lord Belial etc.).

Waldesland - V.A. Sampler Digi CD 6,66 Euro

Underground Sampler with: Myrkrith, Skilfingar, Botritis Cinerea, Dechristianisierung Europas, Faulen, Moloch,

Valcyrion, Wulfgar, Garden of Grief, Ketelens Brukke, Gods of Germania, Winterblood, Lycanthropy

Wald Geist Winter – Teufelskreise CD 10 Euro

Teufelskreise the long awaiting debut album from Wald Geist Winter. Thuringian underground Black Metal at its best.

War Pestilence – Godsfuck Black Attack CD 11 Euro

Pure Satanic, Raw and Grim Black Metal!

WAVELENGHTH:SATAN-Time Blood Theory CD 11 Euro

Killer industrial black metal in the vein of Mysticum !!includes a mysticum coversong!

Werwolf - Proömium Pro CD-r 6,66 Euro

German underground Black Metal! Lim. to 70 items only!

A.A. MCD 004 Windstorm - Eternal Gods Forgotten MCD 5,50 Euro

This two man Band from Greece plays traditional Raw Black Metal in the vain of the 90´s. The music reminds me on the good old

days where Black Metal it was not for the masses and the first releases from Gorgoroth.

The CD contains 5 Songs with a playtime from 28 Minutes (limited to 500 items).

Winterblut - Von den Pflichten schönes zu vernichten CD 10 Euro

Brandnew studio album !!!cult german black metal!

Winterblut – Grund: Gelenkkunst DCD 16,66 Euro

This contains disturbed Black Art only the damned are capable of making. Beside new layout this special edition double CD

will include the obscure recording session from 2002 and re-recordings of the whole album done in 2011 containing an

unreleased song from this time.

A.A. MCD 003 Winterhauch - Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung Digi MCD 6,66 Euro

In Autumn (Sept. / Okt. 2011) we will released the First output from this great young Band.Winterhauch plays Depressive Black Metal

with an atmospheric touch.Their Music creates a cold and melancholic feeling and leads your thoughts in total eclipse.

The Mini Album "Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung" has a Playtime over 25 minutes.

SKR 004 Wintermoon – Arroganz CD 6 Euro

True Black Metal Art from Germany!

SKR 011 Wintermoon – Dogma Digi CD 10 Euro

The new Wintermoon Album is finaly out now! Pure raw and grim Satanic Black Metal at is best! Wintermoon plays Black Metal

in the good old traditional way! The CD comes in a very nice Digipack!

Woods of Desolation - The Darkest Days Digi DCD 13 Euro

A rare compilation of all old demos,split tracks and unreleased stuff.Comes on nice double cd digisleeve format

Wolfsschrei - The unknown spectre of evil – MCD 6,90 Euro

Wolfsschrei unleashes a sinister maelstrom in the form of a MCD. Acting as a three-piece on this release,

the band has recorded an introverted manifestation of wrath and contempt, which is "The Unknown Spectre Of Evil".

Wolf & Winter – Endless Forest of Silence Sorrow…The Howl of Hate CD 12 Euro

Pure Cold Black Metal! The music is a little bit like Satanic Warmaster, very great release!

Wolfthron – Towards Ipsissimus CD 10 Euro

"After the split EP with Erhabenheit released in 2008 Wolfthorn returns with its third full-length opus entitled “Towards Ipsissimus”.

Recorded with a new line-up consisting of the current and former members of the much respectable German hordes such as Purest,

Empaligon and Total Hate, clad in a raw yet powerful sound garment the album delivers six anthems of ferocious, morbid Black Metal

filled with the uttermost devotion to the Highest God of the Other Side."

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