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A.A. MCD 003 Winterhauch - Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung

This ist the first output from this great young Band.

Winterhauch plays Depressive Black Metal

with an atmospheric touch.

Their Music creates a cold and melancholic

feeling and leads your thoughts in total eclipse.

The Mini Album "Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung"

has a Playtime over 25 minutes.

The CD comes as lim. Digipack to only 500 items.



A.A. MCD 003 Winterhauch - Samples from „Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung“

A.A. CD 001 Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation Nr. 1

Each customer gets one free Label Compilation CD by an Order of over 50€.

This Compilation is only for promotion! Ten Tracks of pure Black Metal

with current and sold out releases.


1. Northern Frost - Der Geist Lebt Fort -

2. Wintergate - The Arrival of the darkest hour of mankind -

3. Incinerator - The Aim -

4. Apocalyptic Fire - See the reality -

5. Astarium - Infernal vengeance -

6. Wintergate - Slave of Satan (...with Pride) -

7. Dark Endless - Lebensfremd -

8. Apocalyptic Fire - The Big Olds -

9. Astarium - Monolith of abysses -

10. Northern Frost - Falscher Glaube -


A.A. CD 002 Frozen Land - Nostalgy

No happiness, no light, no pleasure!

Frozen Land represents the cold rain in your life!

The music is leading your mind to the persuit of melancholy,

hopelessnes and emptyness, creating a 48 minutes of emotional darkness.

The CD contains 6 Songs with a playtime from 48 Minutes

(limited to 500 items).



A.A. CD 002 Frozen Land - Masterpice Of Hate

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