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A.A. CD 007 Morar - Wahlheim
After debut EP, finally Morar returns with their debut full length
entitled "Wahlheim". The band keeping it's origin and members in secret,
presents just music... Nature is the basic inspiration of MORAR's music and lyrics.
The album includes 7 hymns lasting 47 minutes and combines atmospheric
Black Metal with raw, primitive and grim parts. Band calls it Sophisticated
Black Metal! Released in jewel case CD with 8 pages booklet in
cooperation with Nebular Winter Productions & Apocalyptic Art Records.


A.A. CD 007 Morar -  Embrace The Torrent
A.A. CD 007 Morar - Thee to Scorn
A.A. CD 007 Morar - Tis Night

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MORAR plays sophisticated Black Metal for all and none exclusively. Melodic, dark Black Metal hymns with sophisticated lyrics. The nature metaphoric based lyrics will focus on godless, antichristian, pagan literature and philosophy – nationless, boundless and faceless. “Music is as direct an objectification and copy of the whole will as the world itself.” So

music is the art of all arts. No place for individuals!

MORAR is a character in “Alpin’s lament of Morar”. Those verses are recited in Goethe’s “The Sorrows of Young Werther”. The Character of MORAR has enough space to fill it with literature and philosophy. "Thy wrath was as the storm. Thy sword in battle as lightning in the field." This is the raw and grim face of MORAR. On the other side you will find acoustic and very atmospheric parts in it. - "like the moon in the silence of night; calm as the breast of the lake when the loud wind

is laid. "

A perfect character to create dark, raw, melodic, mystic, pagan Black Metal in the same time. And obviously the whole explanation of MORAR is based on metaphors of nature. Furthermore the whole "Werther" shows the process of a dying nature. The soul and mind of Werther is dying, like the nature around him. But unwaveringly he belongs to nature. And finally he shot himself - back into nature! MORAR describes a journey - back to nature!  As we all do.

So nature is the principal inspiration for MORARs music and lyrics. Philosophy as the mother of all

science is the mouth of it. Close as possible to the truth. Words must be as close as possible to the

things themselves. So MORAR will speak through quotes.

Nature is indestructible. Nature does not destroy. Nature is being and time. Time and being.

And MORAR is all this. It´s everything and nothing. It's all and none. For all ...and none!

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