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Dodsferd - Another Two of Your Scars And The World Is Dead EP 5,50 Euro
Brandnew killer Gatefold EP of this cult Black Metal Band from Greece.Lim.500

Korgnthurus – Tapa Itsesi EP 5,50 Euro
2 Brandnew and exclusive Songs from this finnish Black Metal Act.Comes on fullcoloured cover with bothsided printed insert.
Limited to 400 copies in white vinyl

Leraje – Ferro Ignique EP 5,50 Euro
2 new exclusive songs were recorded for this 7". You can await straight occult old school black metal with an atmosphere
of the late 90's. No clone,no copy,no posershit-only individual and still black metal. Fuck off you mp3 wannabees-this will
be a vinyl release ONLY! Limited to 500 copies in black vinyl and printed innersleeve. Mastered by A.O.D. at the
Temple Of Disharmony

Nydvind / Bornholm Split EP 5,50 Euro
Epic Black Metal from FRA / HUN. Two exclusive tracks for that France-Hungary alliance, before their 3rd albums.
Melody and power are allied to perfection. 11 min.

Omega / Ravencult Split EP 6 Euro
Both Black/Thrash Metal from Greece. Black Vinyl 7" with 2 site printed Insert.

Sad -...And His Minions Shall Eternally Reign EP 7,50 Euro
True fucking orthodox Black Metal from Greece!

Sarkom - Exit Terra EP 6 Euro
Great Norwegian Black Metal.lim. 500 black vinyl.

Satanic Warmaster – Winter´s Hunger EP 7,50 Euro
Brandnew EP from this finnish Black Metal Act!

Urgehal - Death Is Complete EP 6 Euro
Brandnew EP from this Norwegian Cult Band!


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