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Formed in 2008




Moscho:  Guitars (2008-present)

Pyriflegethon: Guitars, Bass (2008-present)

Yngve:  Drums (2012-present)

Gareth: Vocals (Session) (2012-present)



Releases on Apocalyptic Art:

A.A. CD004 Dizziness - Offermort Heritage

Dizziness 1st full length album warlike riffs,epic feeling, nostalgic melodies which

them will remind you the glory days of the Hellenic Black Metal

The CD contains 9 Tracks and will be released in 500 limited copies!


On:  088 / 100 Points (in greek)

On: (in german)

On: (in german)

On: ( in greek)

On: (in greek)

On: (in english)

On: (in greek)

Behind the Veil Webzine
House Of The Whipcord Zine!!!

Dizziness was formed in 2008 by Pyriflegethon(guitars,bass),Moscho(guitars)
and Tantalos(throat).Tantalos left the band after while... .
In 2009 the band recorded its first demo ''Evocation Of Ancestral Grandeur''
with Skylephtis on throat and leather,wich released
by War Prod. on 300 tapes (2010).Split tape with
LYKAUGES released by War Prod. on 300 tapes (2012)