Formed in summer of 2005




SiN all Instruments and Vocals


Releases on Apocalyptic Art:

A.A. MC004 Astarium - On The Edge Of Chasm - MC

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A.A. MC006 Astarium - Dethroned of Impostor - MC

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A.A. CD001 Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation I

Promotion Sampler released  2009


Astarium - On The Edge Of Chasm -

Metal District  

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Hateful Metal  

05/10 Points

Astarium - Dethroned of Impostor -

Hateful Metal   

07/10 Points


Black metal project Astarium is formed in the summer of 2005 in Novosibirsk. In the capacity of the unique member acts SiN

(all guitars, programming drums, keyboards and vocals). From the beginning of creative way project has started to play in symphonic

tendency and orientated exclusively on studio activity.

By the middle of April 2006 debut demo "Monolith Of Abysses" has been recorded, became first step of author's sound and presented

by draught versions of creation from upcoming full-length album. Record of longplay, for technical reasons, was delayed to beginning

of winter 2007. In February 2008 album "On The Edge Of Chasm" has been self-released like promo, and released by label

Satanarsa Records in September 2008.

During existence of project there was created solid quantity of material in dark ambient style, the part of which has found reflexion in

demo "Winter Growths (Part I)", released in February 2009 on label NitroAtmosfericum Records. Some things of Astarium were included to

compilations “The Legion Of Tchort #6” and “Never Stop The Madness!” comes in February and April. In May "Winter Growths (Part I)"

has been re-released as combined work of labels Acclaim Records and Ancient Legacy Productions.

The end of June 2009 was marked by release of tape "On The Edge Of Chasm" on label Apocalyptic Art and participation in compilation

from musical edition "7.06 Underground WebZine". And in the end of August project was presented exclusive material on

"Tribute To Norwegian Black Metal" compilation.

Last reissue of debut album "On The Edge Of Chasm" was fit in the beginning of October 2009 and released by Heerwegen Tod Production.

Now Astarium is ending work under second album.

A.A. MC010 Astarium - Atenvx - MC

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Astarium - Atenvx - 
This Noise Is Ours
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