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Asche der Welten:

Formed in 2008(Germany)




Gerileme all Instruments and Vocals


Releases on Apocalyptic Art:


Asche der Welten Interview on OccultBlackMetalZine!

A.A. MC007 Asche der Welten - Ascheregen

The first sign of AdW presents a post-apocalyptical

metropolis with no life forever more. This very atmospheric

feeling was packed in an Ambient Black Metal rain

of ashes.Pro-Tape lim. to 200 items. The special Edition comes

in a special Slipcase & include a Pin (lim. to 66 items).

Review on:

Hateful Metal              6,5/10 Points

A.A. MC008 Asche der Welten - Brennende Atmosphäre

„Brennende Atmosphäre builds the second and most aggressive part of AdWs

ABC trilogy. It demonstrates the deathly apocalyptic nuke in an authentic

Ambient Black Metal way.“Pro-Tape lim. 111 items.The Special Edition comes

in a special Slipcase incl. Pin and lim. to 33 items.

Review on:

Hateful Metal

A. A. MC011 Asche der Welten - Chaos bricht aus

After “Ascheregen“ & “Brennende Atmosphäre“. Asche der Welten is back with the final chapter “Chaos bricht aus“!The perfect soundtrack for the end of times.This tape is undeniably the most melodic and most diverse performance of this unique Ambient Black Metal project from southern Bavaria.The tape comes as Pro-Tape (lim.111 items).The first 33 pieces incl. a pin. First come, first served!

Review on:

OccultBlackMetalZine 08/10 Points


A.A. CD003 Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation II

Sampler released  2014


Asche Der Welten" was founded sometime in 2008. The Three publications yet planned present together a chonological inverted trilogy of the comming total thermo-nuclear war. "Ascheregen" demonstrate here the beginning of the following trilogy as the end of all things. The second part named as "Brennende Atmosphäre" nvolving the deathbringing apocalyptic blast. At the end of this line "Chaos bricht aus" stands as the beginning of the big histeria around the world.

ABC-alert follows...