Apocalyptic Fire:
Formed in 2006 (Germany)
Ineluki: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
Tyr: Drums


Releases on Apocalyptic Art:

A.A. MC002 Apocalyptic Fire - Abyss -
Black Edition (lim. to 100 items)

A.A. MC002 Apocalyptic Fire - Abyss -
White Edition (lim. to 50 items + Bonus Track and Logo Pin)

(CD-R Version released on Black Devastation Rec.)

A.A. CD001 Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation Nr. 1
Promotion Sampler released  2009


Apocalyptic Fire - Abyss -

Blackmetal.at  07/10 Points
Hateful Metal  07/10 Points
Heathen Harvest
Interregnum  08/10 Points
Metal District  8,5/10 Points
My Last Chapter 07/10 Points
Necroweb  08/10 Points
Schwermetall  09/13 Points


Apocalyptic Fire was founded in September 2006. Ineluki wrote a few riffs which soon developed into complete song structures.
As these songs did not really fit into the concept of Ineluki´s other band “Northern Frost” and to prevent them from
fading from memory Ineluki decided to bring “Apocalyptic Fire” into being. Primarily ´the band was destined to be a solo project,
but Ineluki soon realized that a drum computer could never create the same feeling as a live drummer. In Tyr, Ineluki
was able to retrieve an appropriate percussionist, who already had gained considerable experience in the ranks of the german
band “Thurisaz”. Tyr joined Apocalyptic Fire as a permanent member. Musically Apocalyptic Fire aims to create cold and atmospheric
black metal with both a modern and primordial touch. Lyrically the texts deal with apocalyptic themes, death, dreams, hate,
negative emotions, occultism and the aversion towards christianity. In September 2007 the band entered the Forte Fortissimo Studio
in Coburg (Bavaria / Germany) to record the album “Abyss”. It was an easy decision to enter Forte Fortissimo once again, as
Northern Frost have also recorded their series of releases there and the results were more than satisfying. When the
recording series were complete, Ineluki went searching for a suitable label. As there was only a small amount of response to
Ineluki`s inquiries, he decided to release the album as a tape version through his own label “Apocalyptic Art” for the
time being. The tape was released April 2008. After several weeks Ineluki came in contact with Taaken of “Black Devastation Records”
and he agreed to release “Abyss” as a ProCD-R version which then was releasd in September 2008. Despite their professional
attitude towards sound quality and the overall quality of theri releases, Apocalyptic Fire will always be deeply rooted in
the underground of black metal.

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